Good brand design is good business
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Good packaging design is good business
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Good structure design is good business
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Good design thinking is good business
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Our mission

We provide advanced brand solution services through our brand strategy and design strategy tools for national and international brands. We are a full-fledged brand building agency that follows meticulous methodologies and processes in every step.

Our areas of focus

Our two key areas of focus include providing strategic thinking and brand design thinking solutions to clients who aspire to create multi-million dollar brands.

Our activities include

Brand strategy and design, Packaging solutions, Structure Strategy and solutions, Innovation strategy and solutions. Furthermore, we offer training and consultation after conducting brand audits to brand owners and brand custodians. We are design consultants who offer well-researched solutions. We research market trends, consumer buying behavior, and study semiotics to help identify growth areas for the brand.

Our priorities

We have strong expertise in innovative thinking and our elaborate methodologies help brands in reaching their full potential. We are a creative design agency whose ideas are strongly backed up by research.

Our impact

  • To improve the business outcomes for various brands
  • To help a brand reach greater heights
  • To build brand awareness through brand strategy and design strategy
We are a vertically-integrated branding solution lab. Our integrated in-house capabilities have helped immensely in ensuring quality control and producing excellent output.
Brand Solution Lab

Our proprietary tool

Brand Solution

Design Horse believes that ‘Good (brand) Design is Good Business.’ Hence, we meticulously craft and curate ‘Brand Solutions’ for our clients to create the desired business impacts.

Design Horse approaches solutions by using its proprietary tool S + M + A (Science+Maths+Art). This helps provide well-researched, extensively explored and meticulously crafted Brand Solutions, which will serve to achieve the desired business impact.

More on S+M+A tool

Our Services

Brand Strategy & DesignPackaging Strategy & DesignPackaging Structure SolutionsInnovation Strategy & Solutions

Our Work

Colgate Diabetics
Gourmet Garden Packaging


“Working on our brand Delmos with Design Horse and their team has been an absolute delight. From the inception of an idea, they seamlessly take it through to the end with an executable finish. We benefit greatly from their recommendations and a ready-to-help attitude in clearing out hurdles at the designing stage or production stage with our vendors. Quick to respond and their attention to detail is their strength and that’s what sets them apart from the competition. Our relationship with them for the past 2 years has been very fruitful and smooth and we wish for the same for our future endeavours.”
Sanjeev Khurana, Director, Sofeene Brands & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (Delmos)
We worked with Design Horse for Rejuvenating our Gourmet Garden Brand identity and Packaging.They did a very fine job on it and came up withaffordable commercials for the quality of the work done.
Proactively recommending them in case anyone looking to get the work done from them. they have also worked for Nestle and other such brands, and in fact camerecommended to me from the Nestle Brand Head.  
Arjun Balaji, Co-Founder, Gourmet Garden


Guest of the week

Knowledge Friday @ DH sessions are solely meant to organize new knowledge. Most of these sessions are enriched by domain experts, brand practitioners, who ‘walk the talk’ in their professional lives.

Image of Guest speaker for Design Horse Knowledge sessions