Science + Maths + Art Tool
Our Approach S+M+A
A goal might be determined, but how it is reached may be unknown in the beginning. Hence embarking on a brand strategy and design is often considered a journey of discovery, tools and methodologies help immensely on the journey.

Fundamentally our S+M+A tool consists of the range of events or actions we take in order to generate an imaginative but relevant means of approaching the task.

Our proprietary 'S+M+A tool' is a guiding force that takes us to the depth of a subject's needs and helps us cohesively organize our thought process. It is a magical tool to create impactful brand solutions and reach the intended goal.
Brief description of S+M+A tool
S stands for the Science of understanding; we start a project with a clear understanding of the 3Cs (consumers, category, and competition). Furthermore, study cultural (applying semiotics tool) factors, with the help of an eye-tracking tool, determined the communication hierarchy impact. Further, engaging with 'buyer behaviour' analysis methodologies to gain an in-depth understanding of buyer behaviour, rational versus emotional choice. Finally, all these methodologies lead to finding insights.

M stands for Mathematical precision, wherein we consider the particular choices of media, materials, printing techniques, etc. 'The medium is the message,' Conscious Consumption' are part of our decision making criteria.

A stands for Art-aesthetic, which helps boost the product or service's desirability factor and builds the right (product or service) brand perception among prospective consumers.