Case Study

Gourmet Garden


An Agricultural Technology start-up. Gourmet Garden is the home to the freshest, natural and most exotic vegetables, it uses the Hydroponic farming technique, (Naturoponics is a patented technique) which is farming without soil. This helps them bring out the nutrition of the veggies without causing any contamination. They use non-GMO seeds and also package their produce in the polyhouse, delivering it fresh to our doorsteps. This farming technique helps Gourmet Garden to fight contamination and delivers unpreserved and natural vegetables to the people. It also grows exotic/extravagant vegetables like Bok Choy, Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes and many more which cater to a specific target audience.


To understand the key elements we started with our Science C approach, which meant studying the consumer, competitors and category. We then also studied the emerging trends in the society at present in order to find the best solution in this brand building journey.



The target audience for Gourmet Garden includes individuals and families living in Urban Metros, who do not mind spending a premium amount for good healthy vegetables. They want to make the best and clear choice when it comes to food that has the right ingredients. They are interested in eating and know about the gourmet foods. They are health conscious and would enjoy a meal with such free of contamination and pesticide-free vegetables.


Emmerging Trends

The times we live in today, is giving birth to a whole lot of trends regularly. One such emerging trend is of eating healthy. YouTube, Food Bloggers, Exotic Dining Places is introducing all of us to new eating habits. Global Cuisine preparation is requiring more natural, healthy and exotic vegetables. People require these ingredients at their doorsteps to prepare authentic and exotic meals and indulge in them.


The competition for Gourmet Garden includes the vegetables market where usually everyone buys their veggies from. Another main competition will be from Grofers and Godrej Nature’s Basket from where all healthy and organic vegetables and fruits are purchased from. Competitor’s analysis was also done in terms of packaging, mostly all of which use a box, but for gourmet garden packages were used. Gourmet Garden falls under the vegetable’s group under Gourmet Food Category. The new method of soilless farming gives this company an edge over its competitors, Gourmet vegetables with a touch of authenticity.


We at Design Horse decided that the visibility of the exotic produce was also important to be showcased. The customers would like to see the fresh harvest. Hence transparent packaging with a clean, minimal approach was chosen. While the label mentioned the IP driven methods and standards of the farming which supported the positioning of the brand. This is how design horse provides solution to its clients. The S+M+A approach.

The moodboard created was on the basis of the end result of the look and feel of packaging keeping in mind the findings of our consumer research.

Design Exploration

Brainstorming session with the team

Visualising the Packaging label on the selected pouch

The packaging idea was to make the veggies visible to the consumers because the freshness of it is important and its entire look and feel was explored in the same theme.


How did Design Horse help Gourmet Garden? An impact is seen as Gourmet Garden now is serving 17,000 households in Chennai and Bangalore. They plan on launching the same in Mumbai and Delhi as well. The creation of brand assets have really helped accelerate business at Gourmet Garden.


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