Packaging Structure

Packaging Structure Solutions

In packaging, whether an external structure of the product like a carton, poly pack, or customized carry bag, or an internal structure that holds the product like a bottle, box, or pouch, matters a lot in overall brand impact and user experience.

Packaging Structure Solution Diagram

First mandatory step:
At this level, we look at a structure from a pure vessel or container meant to protect the product inside and fulfill the food-grade mandatories.

Second mandatory step:
At this level, we are designing a structure solution while keeping the core brand values in mind, along with applying Human-centric design thinking tools and ergonomic factors.

Third mandatory step:
We keep 'Ecological friendliness in the center of our structure solution; hence we don't just talk but walk the talk.

Thought processes are followed:


Ergonomic is the scientific disciple concerned with understanding the interaction among humans and other elements of a system and active, harmonious interaction; we apply theory, principles, data, and methods to optimize human well-being and product performance.


Haptic is a multisensory experience providing approach. We make sure planning, development, and evaluation all three stages comprise providing Haptic(multisensory) experience. The net result is a unique packaging structure.

Human-centric design-thinking

Human-centric design-thinking begins with cultivating deep empathy towards the end-user and their needs. Further, followed by thinking about ideas and ways to fulfill those needs. Once ideas are generated, the next is to produce a prototype and testing with the target audience evaluation process, which tells how well the design performs. So that needful changes are done before finalizing.

Our knowledge about tools and mastery over the following methodologies immensely helps produce relevant results and provide excellent product solutions with user interaction and human centric designs to our clients.

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