Brand Strategy & Design

Brand Strategy

Branding is all about a product/service personality building exercise. We are brand strategists, essentially grooming brands to have their set of values and beliefs to stand out and thrive in the market. We use brand development strategies and brand marketing strategies to help build the brand.  We initiate brand workshops with our prospective clients to deeply understand their business objectives to arrive at brand DNA, Vision, and Mission. Our intense and highly focused "Arriving @ Brand personality" - workshop generates needful understanding and alignment among all stakeholders. Our experience and expertise in conducting workshops yield fantastic results and helped many brands.

Our combined skills of 'Strategic thinking' and 'Design thinking' empowers us to provide comprehensive brand solutions. Furthermore, our decades of practical experience in the industry taught us how to build 'influential brands. Henceforth, our in-house strategy and design skills capable us produce powerful brands.

Our prospective clients could avail of our services:

Step 1
Brand/design-thinking is not applicable

Step 2
Brand/design-thinking solely focusing on Visual Communication for enhancement of brand/product/service appeal.

Step 3
We are considering brand/design-thinking as a process that helps to enhance the overall product/service's consumer usability, acceptability, and adorability.

Step 4
Brand/Design-thinking plays a strategic role and becomes part of the organization's DNA. Hence design-thinking becomes part of every aspect of the firm, ensuring comprehensive strategic and meaningful outputs.

Brand Design

Additionally, the brand design ladder helps us segment our services, how the client and we could engage with each other on three (stages) levels. It's about operating from wholistic, progressive, and tactical /enabler stages/levels; each of these stages/levels has its outcomes and responsibilities.  A client can determine which level of engagement he/she wants to opt for. Subsequently, Design Horse engages and provides services. In case clients need help to understand the suitable stage/level, we could advise them by auditing their business needs.

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