Case Study

Chandon gift box

Task at Hand

To create a gift box, for Chandon, keeping the brand values such as sustainability, value to customers intact. The gift is supposed to contain signature wine glasses which matches the aesthetics of the wine connoisseurs, and wine lovers.

Prospective Audience (Admirers of Chandon)

the targeted segment we are looking at for these gift boxes, include people mostly residing in urban cities, with high income levels.

People who enjoy the velvety textured and extravagant wines, and have an acquired taste for the same. They enjoy having parties and fiestas. Wine and wine glasses become an important element of the soirees. 

The consumers are careful and responsible about the environment they reside in. They prefer eco-friendly variations for gift boxes and like to give/receive expensive gifts. They are appreciative of the initiatives taken by Chandon and are conscious consumers, they always prefer ecological, organic products and services they are very careful about their carbon footprints.

Design Horse Strategy:



The packaging of the Chandon Giftbox was made desirable as it appealed to the audiences and told a story. A story of how the structure was made by the grape pomace from the same winery which produced the wine, the audiences happened to love. A giftbox which is eco-friendly accompanied with a beautiful note by the company. The consumer desires to own and associate with environmentally healthy brands. Henceforth, the idea was conceived keeping this in mind. Basic question we asked what were the requirements for the box.

This appeals to the audiences and automatically make it a good gift for people, the colours used were the shades of light and medium pink giving it a party feel. The packaging becomes adorable.

After the glasses were removed the box could also be re-used to keep jewellery or a stationery case. Making it a value addition for the customers and also a superb way of promotion of the Chandon Wines.


The team decoded the brief, and studied the consumers deeply. It was clear that we must make an organic choice for the material and design of the gift box.

The raw materials used to create the box, includes the grape pomace itself, which was picked up for the wine making region of Nashik, India. The entire waste was sent to a paper manufacturer and sheets were produced from the same. The sheets later were converted to the gift box.

The box included two lovely wine glasses, once removed the box could be re-used easily. This made it feasible to produce the box.


The product was made viable, as the order was for a larger number of boxes, the margin and quantity were provided by Chandon and conversion rates were given based upon the value addition that came along with the packaging structure. 


The design was appreciated by the Headquarters in Australia, which resulted in creation of the gift boxes for consumers in India.

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