Case Study



To create a brand identity for a store which sells exquisite ethnic wear at a premium price.The store is located in Mumbai and caters to the upper class who can afford expensive clothes and need it for various events. It sells bridal wears for a typical big fat Indian wedding. The store wants a distinct identity and wants to make it prevalent. The store does not have franchises and focuses on providing an experience of magnificent shopping to its customers.

Business Strategy

How we win in the market


To provide exuberant traditional clothes


Make shopping a luxurious memorable experience


• To give consumers a complete experience that goes beyond just shopping so that they can keep coming back to the store
• To create a brand that can be extended in the future
• To be the one stop shop for any wedding shopper
• The strategy is to create a place where consumers get the real feel of richness and luxury
• To sell ethnic wear, at the same time keeping in mind the modernity of the times.


The main source of business for Avaa comes from attracting customers who are looking to spend huge sums of money on their weddings. Since the store is the only source of revenue, the brand aims to attract more consumers who visit the market without having decided which showroom to visit. The brand aims to create a rich look and feel for its store such that people would want to pay a visit to check out what is being offered. The source of business here is simply attracting consumers who walk into the famous wedding market with a simple intention of spending money for an exquisite wedding.

Brand Strategy

Our position in the markets and the mind


The market for the brand can be segmented based on the following parameters:

1. Geographic: Currently, the brand has only one huge showroom in the city of Mumbai but there is a potential to expand business through various online platforms.

2. Demographic: Young women living in Tier 1 cities who come from upper class households

3. Behavioural: : People who love hosting big fat Indian weddings and are not hesitant to invest in exquisite fabrics. This also includes consumers who want to have a modern wedding ceremony and follow trends like maintaining a color coordinated or thematic wardrobe for anyone who attends the wedding ceremony.


• The most luring aspect of an elite Indian wedding is its claim to a global yet Indian sensibility, bringing together the “western” and the “Indian” into the wedding experience.

• Indian weddings are grander and more lavish when compared to weddings in any other part of the world. Unlike western weddings, they go on for numerous days and consist of many customs other than the weeding ritual itself.

• For Indian brides, what they wear on their wedding day is extremely crucial. Many young Indian women dream about their ideal wedding lehenga even before they plan the wedding or in some cases, meet the groom. The wedding dress is achildhood  dream.

• In any wedding, the bride is the center of attraction. All eyes are on her and everyone who attends the wedding ceremonies knows that this is going to be a life-changing experience for the bride. What happens during a wedding stays with the bride and groom forever.


Positioning statements of the competitors

A brand that brings out the feeling of a ‘grand’ wedding. Rich, elegant yet traditional,exquisite, unique and extravagant brand of wedding wear.

• Based on the FCB Grid, the brand falls into the ‘high-involvement, thinking category. Since products of these brands will be priced at high rates that will be a biginvestment for many, it is important they are given enough information about theproduct

• The branding will be aimed to create an impression that Avaa is an extravagant brand therefore a high emotion approach can also be followed.

• This means that the branding must be done in a way that a strong story is told which resonates with what the consumers already know


Architecture- falls under “branded house”

Positioning- Exuberant Ethnic clothes in the premium category

Messaging- Ava means “full of life & glory” (beauty, premium-ness, delicateness andexuberant)

Essence- the store falls between traditional and modernity. It aims to provide ethnic wear which is highly traditional but at the same time keeps in mind the modernity of today’s generation.

Identity- A beautiful combination of modern and traditional which provides elegancy to clothes and makes the customers feel special. It understands the changing times offashion but keeps us rooted to our culture in a unique and premium manner.

The brand follows a ‘Branded House’ architecture where the name of the parent brand reflects through various sub-brands and products that fall under it.

• The main aim to follow this style of brand architecture is for the brand to be able to diversify into various other segments and create a vast product range.

Marketing Strategy

What & how do we communicate


Decision Process

When does the need realization stage occur?

In this category, need realisation generally occurs when consumers plan their wedding ceremonies

The exploration stage

The exploration stage for this category is elaborate since consumers like to evaluate many different options before finally deciding on one.

The consideration stage

In this stage, the primary buyer considers a brand based on some USP. For Avaa  this USP is that of being grand, elite and also one-of-a-kind

The trial stage

When consumers go out on wedding shopping, they explore and try numerous options until they find the one that seems perfect.

The acquisition stage:

Here the consumers finally decide to buy the brand

Avaa should target consumers in the exploration and consideration stage when they are still not sure of what kind of wedding wear to settle on.

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